Training Diary – Day 476

After 3 days of doing Run2Rio with the kids in school, I am totally tired by the end of the day. The Run2Rio is a challenge to get kids running more than usual, or even just get them out doing exercise. The aim is to get each kid to exercise by 1km a day. But like me, my class are very competitive. Instead of just doing 26 x 1km per day, in 3 days we have achieved 130.25km – so far.

The weather/temperature has also been quite hot all week, and doesn’t seem to let up of an evening. Night time is causing a problem for sleeping. Hopefully tonight will be a little easier to get to sleep.

K2yyjXd1.jpg large

Gym time was a distraction and a welcomed one. I did the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge, which was a big struggle with the clammy temperature. I completed 26.63km in the 30mins and felt the exhaustion taking over at the end.

The Treadmill Fitness Test/Recovery was also  a challenge – struggling with the heat & recovery rate. I found the difficulty was to drop my HR much more than I actually did – it was much harder to breath climbing up the gradients.

#FitBit STEPS total for today is in excess of 27,000 steps and that is tiring too.


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