Training Diary – Day 474


Tonight was another road run with my training buddy – Edgie. He wanted to go running about 9.00pm when it was much cooler, but I needed to go much earlier. So it was 6.30pm and run time for us both.

Strange thing was, the temperature hadn’t cooled down at all – was still 26 celsius and just as humid. We even took some ice cold water with us to keep us a little cooler – but that was another fail. By half-way through the run, the water was too warm to drink and was more of an issue than not drinking.

So before we completely collapsed with heat exhaustion – we decided to cut short the distance from 6km to only 5km – and hope that we had a fair time. In truth, it was just sub30mins, which was some 4mins slower than normal – but in fairness it was absolutely too hot & humid to run any faster.


In the madness of running you do actually know when it is time to ease up – and at 5km, it was for us tonight. Nothing to do with the pace or distance, even to some degree the temperature was just about manageable. The key factor was the lack of ability to re-hydrate with the water whilst running.

In an attempt to make ourselves feel a little happier with our performances, we agreed to do another run tomorrow night – providing that the temperature was a little lower.


For the rest of tonight it will be a matter of sitting in the garden, chilling in the last of the evening sunshine. Some food and a nice ice cold drink of fresh orange juice and some milk later.


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