Training Diary – Day 470

Wow what a run I just completed with Edgie – my running buddy. He was still aching from his 1st Marathon last weekend, but still came out with me for a run. The temperature was 20 Celsius and even 2 bottles of water wasn’t enough to keep us hydrated.


We took the pace really steady and didn’t go too silly because of the heat. The journey out was quite tough because we didn’t know what our pace was going to be like and we kept a bit back in reserve for the return journey back. I was feeling quite comfortable in parts and then we increased the pace for a little while. That did mess up the pace and in the end we just did the planned route.

Had it been a little cooler or Edgie’s legs less stiff, we would have considered an additional loop (about 3km more) to the one we completed. Anyway, it was a much better effort than we though once we checked the actual distance.

Now it is time for my Hot Lobster Bath and chill watching TV for a little bit.


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