Training Diary – Day 469

Had a busy day today, shopping!!!   Lol@Me. But to be fair it was important shopping for me – new training tops, trainers & shorts  ….   All top quality Under Armour items and I was well impressed with the Sale prices too.


I bought some lightweight trainers, 5 x Under Armour training tops, 1 x Under Armour running shorts and to conclude – a Hot chocolate & biscuit. I now have quite a collection of training wear from the Under Armour range.

A little bit later it was time for me to go to the gym. I wanted to do something different tonight, but still challenge myself. It was going to be a weight training session – a proper one.


I planned on focusing on my legs & arms during this session – something that I felt I had lapsed over the last few months. Running is good but I must include more weights for power & strength.

I improved my weights for the Lats Pulldowns, Seated Rowing, Tricept Extensions, Leg Press – which wasn’t hard seen as I hadn’t done much since knee surgery. The one challenge I was nervous about trying, was the Deadlift inside the Frame.


Now the last time I did this was over 18months ago – before I had my knee injury. I was able to lift 135kg x 5 times before I lost the grip in my hands. That wasn’t a bad effort for a novice weight trainer so felt good about it. Tonight I wanted to lift as near to 100kg as I could – for my first attempts.

1 x 10 reps = 95kg that felt quite easy to do.

1 x 10 reps = 105kg again I  had plenty of energy in my legs, but my grip was starting to slip.

1 x 10 reps = 115kgs and my legs started to twitch. But my grip was failing and my fingers started to peel off the frame.

I was impressed with the results though and I know I can improve this weight with more training.

Tomorrow will be a running session with Edgie, my running buddy. He has spent the last 3 days recovering from his Marathon on Sunday, so he is excused for that.



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