Training Diary – Day 468

A little bit of sunshine and everyone suddenly becomes a runner … yeah right!!


Gave myself a couple of rest days, after Saturday’s #ParkRun time – especially in the morning heat. Well pleased with my progress and how much time I knocked off to get a New PB for the 5km. Now setting myself a difficult target of sub25mins by the end of June.


Today I did a flying visit to school to resolve a minor issue and prevent any further problems, this meant an early start to my day. I was all sorted by 11.00am and decided to do a food shop – and some ice cream & jelly treat for after my training today.

The weather was as hot & humid as Saturday and I was trying to get a time when it was cool enough to go for a road run. Instead of going for a run first, I decided to go to the gym and do my training indoors for some cool air.


I was only one of four members in the gym at the time, so had plenty of choice of equipment to use. But it was the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge for me – 30mins of speed & power up and down the Hills, with the added difficulty of the humidity inside the gym. I could feel one of the fans blowing but it served little purpose though. I did struggle doing this tonight, only managing 26.13km in the time.


After a 5mins rest & recovery I went and re-hydrated with cold water. I noticed Jody had turned up and was just about to start running on the treadmill. So I asked her if she would like to go for a Road Run around the local area. She agreed and off we went. It was a good pace for Jody’s first run in a long time, we managed 5km in sub 27mins – in the silly humid heat. The time was very good considering the temperature tonight.


After another re-hydrating with the cold water and 5mins standing next to the fan blowing cold air, I was able to do about 10mins weight training – not as much as I usually do, but it was as much as I could manage tonight – hot & tired = shattered.


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