Training Diary – Day 465


Never give up until you finish.

Well it is Super Saturday which means only one thing – #ParkRun time!!!


Edgie was at my home earlier than normal this morning, full of beans and very excited. Not at doing the parkrun today but due to him doing his 1st Full Marathon tomorrow – the Liverpool RockNRoll. He is on a rest day and Carbing up in preparation for tomorrow morning. I know he will do well but ‘Good Luck’ to him too.

My #parkrun was going to be lonely for me, no running buddy or pacer to challenge me. However, I still had a few plans in mind to go for a good time – a New PB would be brilliant and Top my morning off.

I had the ‘Challenge’ with Julie B, from the running club, and our little bet to go with it. I had the target of just beating her, which I felt confident doing – but the ‘Banter’ was getting serious and the stakes went up…..

At the Start Line I looked around and struggled to see if Julie B had turned up, but never mind, I still had to go for the time and worry about beating her at the end. The temperature was 15 degrees at 9.00am and it felt like there wasn’t any wind at all. Plenty of water before the start and off we went – my pace being slow for the 1st lap, then increasing on the 2nd lap and my fastest for the last 1.5 laps. I felt really good on the 1st laps, passing the Lady Runner I had ran with on Wednesday Night’s #WidnesRunnersClub training session. She said ‘HI’ as I passed her – that was a good sign because she is much faster than me. As I was completing the final lap I could see a number of other #WidnesRunnersClub members around me and it was good to have targets to aim for – to pick off one by one if I could.

My finish was fast & I felt strong as I crossed the line. I was hot & dehydrated, but my breathing was comfortable. I knew my time was going to be quick again today – I had Edgie as my Chief Cheerleader shouting ‘Come on Broken!!’ as I passed him taking photos for me.


Usually a couple of the faster runners lap me around my 2nd lap, they are sub17mins and much younger than me – lol. But today the winner only just passed me into the finishing funnel as I was starting my last lap – that was a good achievement for me and a sign I was going faster than normal.

I crossed the finish line with a time on my watch showing 25mins 28secs, an unofficial time, so I am waiting for the results to be posted (usually 1-2secs difference) but  know I have a New PB and am pleased.

Unfortunately Julie B wasn’t able to attend the #ParkRun today, so I didn’t win the ‘Challenge’, but I will continue it over for another day. Plus I am sure she will be fed up hearing about my New PB until we do actually run her challenge. On another note, it was really good to celebrate completing the #ParkRun today with several other members of the #WidnesRunnersClub & Edgie – we had a good chat about our own experiences and training goals. The group is becoming really supportive and I’m glad that I decided to join them.

Good luck to all the other members that are involved in the #LiverpoolRnR tomorrow and may you achieve your best times too.


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  1. · December 16

    Olá. Como vai ?. Obrigado por disponibilizar este
    conteúdo. Ele é incrível. Sempre acompanho seu blog, mas nunca postei um comentário.
    Irei compartilhar no meu twitter.
    Até mais


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