Training Diary – Day 463

Wednesday Night was my first time out running with #WidnesRunningClub at Victoria Park, the #Parkrun course. I planned on just tagging along at the back with Edgie – just to see what happened during a training session. As usual that didn’t work out as planned.


I tried to hide for the ‘Selfie’ picture they like to take, but it was a ‘Wide-Angled’ lens and I was caught – Bugger!! (Jo took it, Edgie doing an Ape impression next to Laura & Julie B – sorry but I don’t remember the names of the others in the photo.)

The session was 2 laps of the course own pace and then another 2 laps of the course at a different pace. The course had 2 versions, a long  lap and a shorter 1km lap. Some of the sneaky beggars did the short course (Julie B, Laura & Jo – not naming names!!) Julie B has challenged me to a #Parkrun race on Saturday – winner is the first to cross the line out of the 2 of us. (I love a challenge!!)

My time for the 5km was a lot faster than I expected – 25mins 15secs and then by adding a shorter 1km lap I managed 6km in 29mins 20secs. This was down to another Lady runner who is much faster than I am, sticking with me at a faster pace than I usually run – Thank you.

To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain on to myself at the session – running with faster people than I am use to made me up my game and the 5km time dropped by 30secs+ on my PB. But I can’t claim it as it wasn’t an official time.


Tonight was back to the gym and my usual Circuit Training Class with Alison – she told me off again because I was having too much fun doing the exercises, and making her laugh.     “If you have that much energy to sing & dance between exercises, then you are not trying hard enough!” she shouted to me…   I was sweating like a right messy pig and was working harder than the rest – I challenge myself every session.

Afterwards, Alison came over and had a laugh with me, saying that she thinks I’m the Class entertainment and that she enjoys bossing me about (in fun). So now it is Hot Lobster Bath Time and some protein shake to relax and recover.


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