Training Diary – Day 460

After a hectic weekend, I thought that a quieter session in the gym was warranted tonight – YEAH RIGHT!!!


I just sorted out the Static Bike to the correct settings, meaning I was all geared up to do yet another Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge – with the idea of being slightly easier. Well I did achieve the easier bit, only completing 26km in the 30mins time period. (That equates to about 90% effort according to my usual data.)


Next it was the Treadmill Fitness Test fun – 12mins at 5.4 pace, increasing the gradient from 0 to 16.0 over the period. I achieved the SUPERIOR Fitness Level and a submaxVO2 of 61.0%. That wasn’t too bad as my recovery was much quicker tonight.


Then back to the Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge – Part II. Same routine but just a 2nd effort at it. This time I completed exactly the same results, 26km in 30mins. Although this time it was more difficult, but not due to my taking it easier – I was drained because of the  heat & humidity in the gym.



Final effort was the Treadmill Fitness Test – Part II again. Same routine but with a slightly lower submaxVO2 of 59.2%. Again not because of the lack of effort again, but the heat!!

CiCSONdWMAE3PVP.jpg large

Now it is time for my Vanilla Protein Shake.


Followed by a lovely Hot Lobster Bath to relax my aching legs. Might even manage an early night in bed too.



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