Training Diary – Day 459


Well today was the one I’d been looking forward to for the last few weeks – #RFT96 Event. Early night last night to make sure I was rested enough for the run. Edgie arrived as expected 9.00am and I was having a relaxing cup of tea before setting off.

He started to fill in the Emergency Contact details on the back of his Run Number, when suddenly he asked in a puzzled tone “What time does this start?”

I was a little surprised by this seen as we discussed the time yesterday. “10.30am” I stated, as I walked up the stairs to the bathroom.

“Erm .. No it doesn’t” came the shout from Edgie, looking at the Run instructions. “It starts at 9.30am – or precisely in 25mins time!” The look of panic on our faces was hilarious to the point of sheer desperation.

Grabbing my car keys; run number, water bottles, phone and some cash we just bolted out of the front door into the car. Now this journey to Stanley Park is about 45mins by car if the traffic isn’t too busy and we only had 25mins to get to the park, find a parking space, get our #RFT96 T-shirt and go to the start line. Impossible you may think – not for us though.

We had a rather ‘Busy’ journey to Stanley Park, managing to find a parking space about 1km from the start line. A quick jog to the T-shirt area and we received our running tops, just as the event was about to set off. (It was a close thing doing it, but we got to cross the start line near the back of the running group.)


Crossing the start line we saw our Spanish Scouser – RAFA BENITEZ cheering everyone on. He was stood with some ex-players, scouse celebrities and some of the HFSG people. It was inspiring to see them attending this event.

Running through the masses was a big challenge for us both, trying not to get blocked or run any extra distances with the pace being less than our normal one – we spent about 2km getting back into the main running group and at a pace that was near comfortable for us.


In the end we managed to run the 5km in sub 28mins, from the back and that was a fairly decent time – the weather was hot & humid but the atmosphere made up for this – it was electric. So many RED & BLUE shirts at the event made it a human sea of colour – MERSEYSIDE colour!! (It actually took us longer to do the run than it did traveling in the car to the event.)

The T-shirt & Medal we received for this event are fantastic and one of the best I have collected since starting to do events in recent years. Also the ‘Goody Bag’ you get at the end was just as great – with lots of freebies being given. I have to say that this event was fantastic and for a brilliant cause, it exceeded all my expectations and I am already looking forward to next year’s event.


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