Training Diary – Day 458

Woke up a little earlier than I wanted this morning, probably due to being eager to do the #ParkRun.


My running buddy, Edgie, was doing his 50th Parkrun today and was at my house early. He wanted to make sure we got there I think!! Anyway, the weather forecast was for a heavy downpour at the start of the run, so I wore my #skins to keep me warm & dry.

Well that was a mistake as I was actually too hot during the run – the humidity was quite sickly. Plus, it didn’t help before we started the run that we would look at a slow pace (for us both) and aim for 28mins-30mins. We are doing another run in the morning too.

However, all the best plans are always changed mid-run!! Edgie decided to increase the pace, he was just excited, and the timing went out of the window. I lost my rhythm & couldn’t get my pace sorted quickly enough, which meant I was struggling with my breathing a little bit. Either way we both completed the run within a few seconds of each other – in a time of 26mins 52secs. A really good time considering we started off at the back of the running group and took about 1/2 a lap to get through the back-markers.

So then it was home and a few hours to chill and relax before preparing for tomorrow’s #RFT96 – in support of the Hillsborough Families.


One comment

  1. madeupteacher · May 21, 2016

    Have a great day tomorrow. On that day, you’ll never run alone🙂

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