Training Diary – Day 456

Had another good weekend of training, so decided to have a rest day on Monday – legs saying ‘Oi give me a break!!’ (So I did.)


Tuesday was another ‘Unofficial’ event again, a 10km Run for Halton Haven Hospice around the local #Parkrun course – but double the distance. I attended and there was around 150+ participants involved. I was impressed with the number of supporters too. Ellie from #HaltonHaven & #Shredders cheered my efforts during the run and it was appreciated.

Because the course was double the usual route, it meant I had to complete 6.5 laps of the park, which was going to be a challenge of getting over the ‘boredom’ for me. To be honest I struggled to get my pace sorted doing the 5km laps, with the number of people involved, different abilities and levels. So as I approached the finish line for the 5km distance I ran straight through it and onto the main roads.


This then enabled me to go and increase my pace – not so much to be faster but to regulate my running. I then completed another 6.2km distance on top of the 5km in the park: I felt really good and clocked up a time of 60mins 41secs for 11.2km. (This was an improvement in my best time for a 10km run, but I didn’t actually note the time.) I can say that I am pleased with my efforts this month so far and that I am well on my way to building up for a half marathon this Summer.

Then it was home and a good Hot Lobster Bath to easy my aches & pains.

Wednesday was another rest day because I was watching the Cup Final on TV and had some friends coming over.

Tonight I couldn’t get home early enough to do some training but I think the extra rest day will help me over the weekend.


This Saturday is the parkrun as usual and my running buddy Edgie is going for his 50th #parkrun.


Then we are both going to the #RunForThe96 5km Run at Stanley Park on Sunday morning. Now this is  one event I am looking forward to doing. Not so much for the medal & t-shirt, but more for the reason the event is being held.

I’ve registered for the Birchwood 10km Road Run already – that’s in August this year and all being well in September I will go for the Warrington Half-Marathon. All these events are leading up to my favourite annual event – Hell Up North in October. In the meantime I will continue to do 5km, 10km & higher so gain the distance in my legs.


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