Training Diary – Day 452

I actually had a night out last night – as Social one too!!   Local Runners trying to set up a running club and they had a get-together in a pub. Edgie & I decided to go and gate crash it and to see if it would be worth us joining. To be honest I actually had a good night, chatting to some ‘Ladies’ and talking about our achievements over the past few years. (I was driving so didn’t have any ‘dirty lemonade’ and just enjoyed watching the beer/wine being consumed quite a lot.)

Today though was me back to doing what I enjoy most – Refereeing on the WPL. I ensured that my lay-in was sufficiently long and gave me enough time to get sorted for an afternoon kickoff.

The weather was very warm and I made sure that I was completely hydrated – plenty of the energy drink & water for me. The game was played on a 3G/4G astro turf pitch and that made the match quicker than normal. I was feeling really good, so I enjoyed the opportunity to do a few extra sprints in the game. (I even managed 3 or 4 full pitch sprints during breakaways.)

At the conclusion of the game I had ran 11.48km during the 90mins and over 15000STEPS, according to my #FitBit. I’m not expecting another game this season, so I can concentrate more now on my running over the next few months – want to build up to Half-Marathon distance.


One comment

  1. madeupteacher · May 16, 2016

    Sounds great. Always good to have running partners as you build up distance. I used to get a friend to meet me at mile 16 when I did my 20 miles for marathon distance and 10 miles for half marathon distance so that I had fresh legs to measure myself against ( and someone to carry water!). Hopefully you will enjoy it🙂


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