Training Diary – Day 451

After a long week of SATs Tests for my Y6 class and all the administration associated with them, I only managed to do a limited week’s training. (But it was a significant effort.)

On Tuesday, it was mega stressful at work and I ‘Had’ to go to the gym and do some focused ‘Pain Infliction’ to relax. I decided to do the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge and then see how I was feeling.


Everything started off fine and I was coming to the end of my first session on the bike, when my ‘Triathlon’ female friend started her training on the other bike. So I decided to continue for a little bit longer and we had a bit of a chat (though a struggle to talk because of the effort.) Things just continued and as we finished, I noted that I had been training for 90mins on the bike, completing 79.65km in that time. This was the longest I had attempted on the bike and was impressed with myself too.

Wednesday was a sore day for me, my legs felt stiff and heavy and another long day in school – over 28,000 STEPS too. This resulted in a rest day for me – one I knew I needed.


Thursday was Alison’s Circuit Training Class – 45mins long and she was laughing at my aches and pains still. It didn’t stop me from carrying on with her exercises, but the heat in the gym did cause some difficulties for all of us – even with the giant fans on.


Friday was a little bit different, I knew I wasn’t going to have time to go the gym because of the #24hrBikeAthon I had agreed to be part of – raising money for Halton Haven Hospice with a group of Ex-Squaddies I have know a few years. After work I managed to get to do the 10pm – 2am slot in the Supermarket where it was being held. I was totally shattered after doing it and went straight to bed when I got home.



Saturday morning is the usual #ParkRun for me and I was aching when I got up – having only had about 5hrs sleep. Edgie was driving today and I was quite pleased about this. It meant that I didn’t have to drive home too, as it was time for another stint on the #24hrBikeAthon for me before it finished at 12pm today. Our #Parkrun 5km time today was a reasonable 28mins – a very comfortable pace on a really hot morning – for me it was my legs (thighs/calves aching from the hours on the bike and Edgie was aching because he had completed a 1/2 Marathon training run on Friday too.)


To end the morning it was back to the #24hrBikeAthon for both ofus and my last 1hr slot on the bike – I was aching but not as much as the other fellas that had worked through the whole 24hr period. When I got home afterwards I showered and then had a lovely 2hrs nap on the couch – partly due to being so tired and partly down to the heat.

Tonight it is an opportunity for me to go and meet up with some others that are setting up a local running club – just sounding out what I need to do if I join them.


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