Training Diary – Day 446

The start of a really hard & challenging week, both for me & the pupils in my Y6 class. The dreaded #SATSWeek. I had walked over 13,000 STEPS by lunchtime today, just moderating & administrating the 1st Test with the pupils.


Tonight it was gym time again – my turn to chill after the day we had been through. It was up to me to challenge myself, especially with the hot weather & the humidity inside the gym. I started with my usual Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge – No1. (30mins at Level 5 = 27.35km and a very hot and wringing wet shirt, from the sweat.) Not a particularly good distance tonight but still an effort that was a hard achievement.


Next was the Treadmill Fitness Test – No1. The 12mins of walking at 5.4km per hour up hill (0.0 to 16.0 gradient.) My Fitness level was – SUPERIOR (as usual) with a submax VO2 of 67.9%.


After a 3mins rest, I then went back to the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge – but only a sprint 15mins version. This enabled me to only do 13.65km and I felt it in my legs & lungs – tight thighs & burning lungs..  Sweat, heat & minimal water left meant I was struggling with the pace on the 2nd attempt.


My final effort for the session was another Treadmill Fitness Test – well I actually use it as a measure of my recovery. It was 69.3% for my submax VO2 this time, even though the fitness level was the same – SUPERIOR.

CiCSONdWMAE3PVP.jpg large

Then it was home and an ice-cold Vanilla protein shake, which was much needed and quite thirst quenching. I must admit it was just what I needed after my shower and an instant recovery for my energy.

My fitbit STEPS total for today is already in excess of  26,000 steps and I am feeling pretty tired & pleased with myself today.




  1. madeupteacher · May 9, 2016

    You will certainly sleep well🙂


    • mikehighton · May 9, 2016

      Sleep well after every training session – that’s a bonus from training hard.


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