Training Dairy -Day 444

Another couple of forced ‘Rest Days’ because of late/long days this week – building up for testing next week. That meant I had to put the effort into today’s #ParkRun to make up for my lazy week.


Edgie & I had made plans to do the #parkrun today because of the lack of training we had done; plus Edgie is nearing his 50th #parkrun and wants the T-shirt. We met up with Paul B at the start and a quick chat about the plan for today’s run. Paul was aiming for sub 28mins, Edgie was looking for a steady pace, but I was aiming to ‘Beat’ Edgie – whatever the time. (He has past me each time during the last few runs in the final few hundred meetings – NOT today!!)


The weather was amazingly warm for the early morning start and I went without wearing my ‘skins’ today – the heat retention is high on a cold day so didn’t want to have that to content with too. I started nearer to the front today and Edgie & Paul where just behind me. That was the outcome of the run too – my pace was faster than I had planned but still meant I had to work hard to stay in front of them both. (Edgie wasn’t going to sneak past me towards the end today and I kept pushing myself.)

With the finishing line in sight I had a quick look behind for Edgie & Paul – no sign of them and I knew I was going to finish in front of them – 1st Target achieved. Next was the time – would it be fast enough to get close to my fastest time?  It was!!!

I completed the run with a New PB – 25mins 53secs, knocking off 45secs from my previous best 2 weeks ago. Next was Edgie with a time close to his own PB and he was pleased too. Finally it was down to Paul and his time – another New PB for him too – sub 28mins.

All-in-all today, it was a great effort by the 3 of us and one that will earn us a good rest. I now aim to go for 25mins as my new target – but will be happy for now to repeat sub26mins for the next few weeks.



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