Training Diary – Day 441

Been a very busy 11 days since I last blogged on here – work & training took over my life for the majority of the time. Late nights and long days.

CgqYoE6WIAEvUhE.jpg large

So what has happened to me over this period? Well I did the Liverpool 10km run and thoroughly enjoyed doing it – even if it was cold, wet and windy. My Targets were to Complete it, aim for sub 60mins and if feeling good go for sub 58mins. I can proudly say that I managed all 3 targets and even bettered my time to 55mins.

After a long walk back to my car on the way home, I was feeling really stiffed legs. My pleasant Hot Lobster Bath awaited me on my return, followed by a little power nap in the afternoon.


Bank Holiday Monday was my next event, some 22hrs after the 10km run. It was the Liverpool Dragon & Flowers Boat Race and I was looking forward to this just as much as my run. Our team was made up of quite a few young ladies that are a part of the gym I go to – we where most definitely outnumbered and not so powerful as many of the other 19 crews involved. But hey-ho we are determined to do our best.


We had 4 races and after each race we made good progress – from 2mins 11secs for the first time down to 1min 49secs for the last one. We got through to the ‘B’ Final and only got beat by 1 second. We did however, receive a team trophy for the ‘Most Improved’ crew. So proud to show our competitiveness in a really well organised event.

The weather was not the best for most of the morning, soaking us all wet through. The wind & chill made you feel even more uncomfortable because you had to wait for the next races.

So in total, it was a very productive long weekend of training & doing events. I am now looking forward to my next event – in 3 weeks and want another ‘GIMME’ medal.




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