Training Diary – Day 430

It’s been one hell of a week for me this week, starting off with a good few days of training, but ending with 2 days of complete stressful difficulties. However, I wasn’t too down for long, ending the week on a really good high.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday were the usual sessions in the gym – Static Bike, Treadmill & Weights sessions and I was improving my performances in each. I was even well up on my #fitbit STEPS for the week and all was going well. Then Thursday & Friday came.

Thursday just made me feel so depressed (work related) and I tried to get over it by doing a double training session in the evening – Alison’s Circuit Training Class, followed by an extra 75mins of weights/treadmill/bike with my mate Nick. Yes that tired me out but it didn’t make a difference to my mood. I was up at 4.50am feeling/being physically sick and it wasn’t good. Friday was a very long day; meetings, data analysis, action plans & assessments. The sort of things you do do without on a Friday afternoon.


That then left me with plans for the Saturday morning #Parkrun and my expectations for doing it. My running buddy – (Edgie), came up with the idea of completing the #parkrun 5km and getting a time, then doing an extra lap or two to build up for next weekend’s Liverpool 10km event I was doing. (To be fair I could see the logic in that and agreed to doing a slightly slower 5km at the #parkrun and then add the extra afterwards.


When we got over to the Widnes #Parkrun, it was quite a sunny, but very chilly morning and it seemed like a bigger number of runners than usual. Edgie met up with a few others that he knew and he said about us doing a little extra distance – Stuart & Claire were also interested in joining us for an extra 3km or 4km. It was agreed that we would do a slower 5km for a warm up and then on to the extra route – Stuart said he had a good route to have a go at, with a few hills included.


#WidnesParkRun 5km time was recorded at 28mins and that was a fairly decent time I felt, not too much effort for a New PB but still well inside the sub 30mins time we suggested. Then it was off to do the ‘Extra 3km/4km’ to a local landmark – the course WAS up hill as indicated but I don’t know who was responsible for measuring the distance but it wasn’t anywhere near the distance we thought. In fact it was actually 5km+ on the ‘OUT’ leg of the run…..


This is a monument on top of a local disused mining area, turned into a beauty spot – with pathways around the area and up to the top of the hill. By the time we got to the monument it was a lot warmer than when we started. Edgie was in a ‘SELFIE’ mood and he took this image to prove we got to the top.


This shows 3 old men with a combined age of 154yrs and are the ‘Athletes’ of our generation – lol. We completed the 5.2km distance to the monument in 33mins, which considering it was our 2nd 5km distance and up hill, I was impressed with myself. (A combined time of 61mins for the 10km at that point.)

Now it was time for the ‘RETURN’ journey and an easier run back, or so you would think going down hill. I was feeling the aches and pains in my legs and the muscles where starting to stiffen up. I knew the route back and each new point was keeping me on track to complete it. (To be honest I was struggling and feeling the pace.)

Then like magic, we had turned left back into the #WidnesParkRun course – my pace started to increase and I could see the bandstand in the distance – this was the finishing point. Crossing the line had never felt so good as it was going to do in the next 600m and I could sense the relief building up in my head – yeah!!!


As you can see by the look on our faces, the relief of completing the route was evident. Our little ‘Extra’ had increased from 3km/4km to an enormous 10.35km – more than I had expected. The return leg of the run had taken us 31mins, going down hill, and had given us the total distance of 15.35km in 92mins. That was the furthest that I had managed to run this year and an increase of 4km+ in over a week. So much for a gentle increase.

CgqYoE6WIAEvUhE.jpg large

My next event is the Liverpool 10km run next Sunday and I don’t think I will have a problem completing the distance now – just focus on getting a better time I think.


The day after the run I have also entered into the Liverpool Dragon Boat Race with some other members of the gym – #Shredders and I am looking forward to having a bit of fun doing that.


After that I will be participating in the #RunForThe96 5km in Liverpool (22nd May) with Edgie. That isn’t an event that we will be ‘competing’ in but one that we are doing in support of the #JFT96 Hillsborough Families Support Group. The aim is to help raise money for these families.

On top of these events I have agreed to do the #teacher5adayrun – covering the whole month of May. I will be logging my running for this month and will be looking to see if I can get to half marathon distance.




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