Training Dairy – Day 423

Up and out a bit early this morning, just to get myself sorted and ready for Refereeing this afternoon. I was officiating on a Women’s Premier League match, so had to be there an hour before kick off.


I attended the ground as expected and went through the normal pre-match routine. The game was quite a good one to be involved in, with a competitive edge to it throughout. A little bit of ‘verbals’ was soon dealt with and we completed the game (an AWAY Win.)

My #FitBit information identified that I had completed over 11.25km in running/walking around the pitch and over 15,000 STEPS. That was an average for me when I Referee, so it was pleasing to keep up the totals for the week.

It will be an early night in bed for me, as returning back to school tomorrow – after 2 weeks holidays.



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