Training Diary – Day 422


It was the lovely #ParkRun for me this morning and my attempts to improve my 5km running time again. I was up and ready early today, actually waiting for Edgie – the Poison Dwarf, to pick me up. (He wasn’t running today because of his long 20mile run yesterday.)

The sun was shining and the sky was a clear pale blue blanked …..   or so it looked!!!   In fact it was absolutely freezing and a cold wind chill blowing around the course. It was freezing on one side of the park, but quite warm on the other.

Off I went at the front(ish) of the Start line and clear enough to be ahead of the big group of runners that don’t actually have the speed in their legs for the fast start. My pace is good enough to get me out of trouble and into my steady pace within half a lap.


I managed to complete the course today by improving my PB by 2secs again – now 26mins 38secs for the course. I was pleased as I have had a full on heavy training week and felt physically tired even before I started the run. So I’m still improving slowly but surely too.




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