Training Diary – Day 421

A matter of WOW & OUCH!!!  from today’s training sessions and the results achieved completing them.

I had a good chat to the Triathlon Lady that regularly does the Static Bike Challenges around the same time as I do. Nice to see that She & I are both competitive – in a funny way – lol. She is also recovering from an injury and isn’t competing this year


My first efforts for the Hill Climbing Challenge was 26.56km in the 30mins period, which was slightly less than yesterday but I was chatting more than usual.


Next it was the Treadmill Fitness Test – recovery challenge. I was really aiming to improve this again tonight – I felt quite good during the challenge  and I did increase my submax VO2 percentage to 84.4% and the usual SUPERIOR fitness level.

CgGnL-6WsAEBh9K.jpg large

Then it was back again to the Static Bike Challenge No2 and another chance to improve. Unfortunately the 2nd time wasn’t as productive as I wanted – completing 26. 50km this time. (To be fair it was only 60m less but still not a success in my mind.)

The 2nd effort of the Treadmill Fitness Test was also a little less than the earlier one – SUPERIOR fitness level but only a submax VO2 of 67.3% – admittedly it was much more difficult than I had expected and I felt tired.

My #FitBit STEPS for the day is in excess of 25,000 for the day and over 134,000 STEPS for the last 5 days so far.

An early start in the morning as I participate in the #WidnesParkRun 5km run at 9.00am – bring it on.


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