Training Diary – Day 420

Bit late posting this tonight simply due to watching a magnificent game of football between Liverpool v Dortmund – We won obviously but a fabulous match.

Well today’s training went as follows:


Static Bike – the Hill Climbing Challenge and my favourite attempts at better results. The usual 30mins time period enabled me to complete 27.51km on level 5 and I found that a great challenge to start with.


Next was the Treadmill Fitness Test – and another attempt at improving my percentage & recovery rate. The usual 12mins at a pace of 5.4 and the gradient increasing from 0.0 to 16.0 – all whilst keeping my HR under 150BPM. All I can say is WOW!!! tonight at my New PB score of 75.0% – outstanding result and my effort, if I say so myself.



It was then time to go and join in my Circuit Training Class – another 45mins of torture and pain to finish the day of with. I was already at the point of having a low energy level and was a bit worried about not being able to complete the exercises properly ….   Nah that was never going to happen either!!!


To make today an even better one, I have registered to complete the following events in the next 18 days:

  1.  The Liverpool 10km Run – Sunday May 1stand then,
  2. The Liverpool Dragon & Flowers Boat Race – Monday May 2nd.

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