Training Diary – Day 419

It’s been a busy 3 days of double training sessions and I’m starting to feel the energy draining out of me each time I exercise. The amount of sleep I get isn’t an issue – I am sleeping really well of a night. Same as last night – a good 8hrs sleep made my rest & recovery feel better.

Today was the opportunity to do a little road running again. My first session included the Treadmill – Fitness Test again, but this time as the initial exercise and a ‘Warm-Up’ instead of the cool down.


The results came out as expected; SUPERIOR Fitness level and a submax VO2 of 59.8% as the started of the session. Then it was time for Derek to turn up and go for a short run.


Derek was feeling up for a local road run around the park area. He didn’t want to go too far, as he was only doing a short session tonight. I estimated the run as being around 3.5km in 23mins – a steady pace in the evening sun shine and a warm & sweaty end to the run.Derek had to leave at this point so I just carried on with my next activity.


The Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge with Jody, as she joined me for a chat and a bit of competitive company – lol. We both worked really hard to beat each other’s distances, but unfortunately for Jody I don’t give in so easily and I managed to beat her by 500m+ – my distance was 26.10km for the 30mins.


Back to the Treadmill Fitness Test again, using it as a recovery assessment again. I was trying to get as close to the previous percentage but knew I was going to struggle tonight. I managed the SUPERIOR fitness levels again but this time only a submax VO2 of 58.6%


Although I had completed as much as I usually did, I still wanted to do some work on the free weights. I was aiming to match my Bench Pressing weight of 70kgs again. That meant me doing 6 x Sets of 10 Reps from 35kg, 45kg, 55kg 65kg and my last one of 70kgs. (Now that was the Topping off of my session tonight.)


Home meant a hot shower and time for some TV. My #FitBit STEPS are again in excess of 32,000 steps for today.




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