Training Diary – Day 418

Felt really tired this morning after such a hard couple of sessions yesterday. I even managed to have a few extra hours in bed as a reward. My legs felt a little heavy when I went for my morning stretch to the local shop – so that was a good sign of the amount of effort I had put into my exercises.

I decided to go to the gym a little earlier tonight, but stayed longer to make sure I completed the session correctly.

First exercise was my Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge, trying to match yesterday’s effort would be hard too. So off I went cycling at my usual ‘Fast’ pace and achieved the 27.15km in the 30mins period.


A quick drink & a wipe down of my sweaty bike and it was time to do the Treadmill Fitness Test – but for me it is more about the recovery rate – the percentage is just an added bonus. I achieved the SUPERIOR fitness level (again) but my submaxVO2 was amazing – 70.4% and a New PB for me too.



The second effort on the Static Bike Challenge was even more difficult than the first attempt. I only managed to complete 25.41km in the 30mins and I really did feel the energy sapping out of my legs – they felt as though I had just ran 10km and looking to walk uphill again.

This was going to create more of an issue with the Treadmill Fitness Test again. The 2nd one always is harder but I just carried on and completed it. The usual SUPERIOR fitness level was recorded but also a 63.7% submaxVO2 this time. It wasn’t down to my HR and the BPM this time, it was more the fact that I had very low energy levels whilst doing it.


That was the total efforts for today’s gym session and I know that I have worked hard to achieve the results. A hot shower tonight and a few hours relaxing will be enough for me to prepare for tomorrow’s routine.

My #FitBit STEPS are also in excess of 25,000 for today so far.


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