Training Diary – Day 417

I had a much needed ‘Rest Day’ yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it. A long lay-in bed followed by spending most of the day just chilling and watching sport on TV. I can honestly say it felt good and that I had no guilt about doing it this time.

Today however, was much different than yesterday, with me back on double sessions at the gym – yippee!! At 8.00am this morning I was out running with Derek & Pam – she was on her first run ever. We agreed to a simple rule –  slow down as much as you want but don’t stop. Off we went on the short road route I’d told them both about, but naughty me because I told them we would be doing 3km; we actually did 5.8km.


After buying them both a cup of coffee as a treat, it was off home for a shower and a few hours rest & recovery.

Gym session number 2 was going to be more of a cardio challenge, as I wanted to do 2 challenges & 2 recovery assessments. The focus on how quickly I could recover from the each challenge.

Challenge Number 1 was my favourite – the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge, 30mins of speed and pain at level 5 isn’t as easy as it sounds. At the end of the activity I had managed to complete 27.15km in the period, which was not a bad distance and my legs felt the efforts.


I gave myself a 5mins rest period, wiping down the sweat off the bike and getting another drink of water before doing the Treatmill Fitness Test – 12mins of walking at a 5.4 speed and increasing the gradient from 0.0 to 16.0.


My result turned out to be very similar again, SUPERIOR fitness level and a submaxVO2 of 57.9% showing a good level of recovery for me. I felt quite good after it and wanted to improve it further.

My second attempt at the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge was not as easy, with my distance being recorded as 26.61km for the 30mins period. A little bit less than the earlier attempt, which was expected.


The 2nd Treadmill Fitness Test Challenge was going to be a little harder too – I was expecting the efforts of my challenges to take a lot out of me, slowing down my recovery further.


I copied the same routine as the previous assessment – 5 mins rest & drink, whilst wiping down the Bike again. However, my fitness level recorded the SUPERIOR level again and a submax VO2 of 62.7% this time. It was another New PB and my best percentage to date. I was really impressed at how quickly I had recovered the second time.


Cfx8627XEAEi0dI.jpg large

To complete my training results for today, I have also recorded my #FitBit STEPS as being in excess of 30,000 for today and well on the way to another New PB for STEPS.


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