Training Diary – Day 415

I’ve decided to rename the daily page to something more positive than ‘Rehabilitation’. This is because each time I have blogged recently, I have felt that I was posting a negative approach to what I have actually achieved, my progress has been quite significant too. So here is the start of a new approach to my training log.


Today was Widnes Parkrun and I was attending without my training Buddy Edgie – Poison Dwarf. He was working today and went for a 10km run last night with his other mate. (I felt the distance would have been ok for me but maybe their time/pace a little too quick. Surprisingly the time they posted was around the same as I did 5 days ago.)

So an early night and a good sleep was the aim and I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sore in my left knee – the one I had surgery on. It was a nagging pain deep inside my knee and I was hurting quite a bit. This wasn’t the start I was hoping to have and made me doubt about running today. A 45mins of ice packing the knee and some painkillers made me feel a lot better. Walking around wasn’t a problem either – just weight baring gave a twinge or two.

With a support on my knee and the feeling of just running stuck in my head, I stood on the START line with the 100’s of other runners and waited for the marshals to set us off. I’d gone much nearer to the front again this week, finding the battling through the crowd to get to my own running pace – too much of an effort and delay. The weather was a lot hotter than recent weeks and it felt humid too. I was there now and ready to go – looking to match last weeks New PB or at least get close to it again.

As the laps went by and I settled into my own ‘Bubble World’ and pace, I found myself back into that ‘Grey Area’ of runners – a little like no-man’s land. The runners ahead of me are just a little bit faster than my current pace and those behind me are much slower too. (It is like running alone and I have to focus on picking off other runners, one at a time.)

The last 400m is around a bend and is where I have gradually increased my pace, but also the same place for others to have a sprint finish. Today though I had started to increase my pace about 500m from the FINISH line, attempting to overtake a few others before I finished. (This was because I had been doing my 3 x 1km interval sprints at the gym, hoping to increase my finishing speed.)

As I crossed the finishing line I automatically stopped my watch, usually without checking the time but also to ensure I actually stop the time. The is a few seconds difference between the starting times, I start when I cross the start line rather than the #ParkRun general start time.


I felt good at the end and my knee wasn’t hurting at all – it was as if I had been worrying over nothing. I was really hot though and the sweat was dripping down my face, as I was trying to regulate my breathing enough for me to talk to the scanning marshal. This is the time I have been having problems getting an official time – my barcode doesn’t always scan so I have to ask the marshal to write/photograph my time.


With my time/position now recorded I was able to walk through the finishing area and was quite pleased with my efforts today. But now it was time to check my watch for the unofficial time – had I got near to my previous best last week or was I just dreaming this week????

I had beaten last week’s New PB of 26mins 43secs, according to my watch and I was very pleased with it. It was 26mins 41secs on my watch and another New PB – but only by 2secs. That was going to be close with the official time though – may be even not a New PB, I’d just have to wait until they posted their results. (Either way I was pleased today.)

The #ParkRun results email was waiting for me by the time I had got home and to my surprise and pleasure too, I had beaten last week’s time by exactly the time on my watch. I had achieved another New PB by 2secs. (Now it is 26mins 41secs.)



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