Rehabilitation – Day 414

A lovely long lay in bed this morning to give my legs a bit of extra recovery time. The knee muscles had a battering last night in Alison’s Circuit Training Class and I felt it this morning too.

So a chilled day without doing too much, even spent the day slouching on the couch watching TV. Tonight was a bit different though, the gym was really quiet and I had a choice of equipment to use.

First I started with the Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill climbing Challenge – 30mins of speed and gradients, as I try to complete at my usual distances. The first 10mins is fairly comfortable and I get to speed up over the next 20mins. Tonight I completed 27.35km in distance and felt pleased with that. (This week I have done 4 sessions – all of which have been 27km+ in distance.)


I decided to do a shorter cardio session to end the week off with, so the Treadmill Fitness Test would give me an opportunity to keep my submax VO2 high – I achieved another 57.9% and SUPERIOR fitness level again.

A short 5mins rest and it was time for me to do some free weights again, trying to increase my strength rather than build upper body muscle. I focused on Bench Presses tonight, after speaking to my Son – Tom, he is into weight training more than me – so I take note of his advice.


The weights included pyramid building from 35kg to 65kg – a few sets of 10 reps as a warm up. Then I increased the weight to 72kg and did 5 sets of 5 reps at that level  – I did find it hard but still managed to do it as part of my cool down tonight.

Tomorrow though is not only Saturday but it is #Parkrun time – yeah!!!




  1. madeupteacher · April 8, 2016

    Cracking Friday session! Enjoy park run. I used to run to my park run (4 miles) do the park run, then run home as part of marathon training but haven’t gone for it since. Should really start up again but Saturday is long run day and I think the 2012 schedule I did would kill me now😬


    • mikehighton · April 8, 2016

      I use it for speed training at the moment. The times are tumbling as a result. Try it for speed too.


  2. madeupteacher · April 8, 2016

    My times certainly did improve. I can’t seem to fit it in at the moment. Long run takes up half the day ( seemingly) and family commitments plus school work don’t leave much room for more. My 5k progression runs go some way to making up for it though😊
    I know I should do more speed work but it hurts lol


    • mikehighton · April 8, 2016

      pain is just another word for fun. I’ve been doing 3 x 1km sprints and that has helped to knock off over 2mins from my 5km times in 2weeks. See what happens again tomorrow.

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