Rehabilitation – Day 413

After a very lazy day today, I went and joined in Alison’s Circuit Training Class. As usual she differentiated the levels of difficulty for some of the exercises – but again, I added even more challenge too.


Wall squats became the hardest challenge tonight, instead of plain squats I added the 13kg dumb bell to hold out in front of you – a few others added the 7kg dumb bell to challenge themselves – well done to them.

CXae-WbWAAATsr2.jpg large

Alison did the one leg step up on 3 steps, I increased it to 6 steps – that was a little harder than I had expected but still enjoyed doing it. Jody & Derek joined in the fun of this one too.


Mountain Climbers, Squat thrusts, Crunches on the ball & leg raises – all set to feel the burn in your arms & ABS. We just kept going too. I felt the pain/burn in my arms when it came to shadow boxing with the 7kg dumb bells, the 9kg kettle bells for upward rowing was straight afterwards and that causes a fair bit of effort.


My final arm exercise was the inclined bench press with the 10kg dumb bells – felt like I was carrying a ball under each arm after completing this tonight.

The end of today’s session was one of my favourite things to do – the Hot Lobster Bath.


Lobster Bath and treats.




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