Rehabilitation – Day 412

Bit of a strange, but lazy day for me today. Had Jan from school come over and we spent a few hours doing some prep work for next term’s topic, planning and getting documents ready for parents. Then it was a bit of a late lunch and a chat about a WOW Factor trip within the first 2 weeks for so back.

Due to finishing a little bit earlier, I managed to cram in an unexpected training session at the gym – lovely jubbley!! I decided to do an unusual training session tonight too. My first activity was to do the Treadmill Fitness Test at the beginning of my training, just to see how much of a difference this would make on my submaxVO2 percentage.


I completed the fitness test – the 12mins walking at a 5.4 pace, increasing the gradient from 0.0 to 16mins. (Keeping the HR under 150BPM.) As usual I achieved the SUPERIOR fitness level and a submaxVO2 of 59.2% – which was again fairly good for me.

Next was the Static Bike Hill Climbing – Alpine Pass Challenge. My 30mins period enabled me to completed 27.41km at level 5 and I found I had to work harder tonight to get that result – it was my 3rd effort doing this in 3 days.


After a 3mins rest, I then retook the Treadmill Fitness Test Challenge again – trying to do my best efforts to gain as high a percentage as possible. I achieved the SUPERIOR fitness level again and a submaxVO2 of 56.4% – slightly lower than my first attempt earlier. What this is showing me is that my recovery rate is much better than I expected and still better than the younger men that take the same test – for an old man I should be very pleased by this too!!


Tomorrow’s sessions will hopefully enable me to continue with my progress and maybe get the chance for a bit of a road run too.


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