Rehabilitation – Day 411

A lovely long lay in bed this morning meant I missed my planned early morning opportunity for a trip to the gym. Oh well – I just had to increase the time of my session later.

Mid afternoon saw my going for a gentle road run around the local streets with Derek again – steady pace, which was more for me just loosening up a bit before the gym session. Not as long as yesterday’s but I included a few small hills for the challenge.


Next it was to go and do some weights in the main studio – the Bench Press, Tricep Extension and the Dumb Bells, similar to yesterday too.

After completing these I went on to the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge for 30mins and covered 27.05km on Level 5. This is getting to be fairly easy these days, regularly completing 26km/27km each time I take the challenge.


My last activity was the Treadmill Fitness Test – which I’m using as a cool down assessment. The focus is more on my recovery, rather than the actual Test. I do use the SubMax VO2 rating as a guide though – it was 58.7% tonight. The SUPERIOR fitness level isn’t as important because I seem to get this every time I do it.

My #fitbit STEPS are still exceeding my daily targets and I’m up on the target for this week already.


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