Rehabilitation – Day 410

Start of my 2 weeks off from school and a change of plan in my training routine, to try and increase my running distances and hopefully improve my times too. (That is the plan anyway.)


Started off with Edgie texting me to go for a road run with him around 11.00am and before the expected rain downpour. I agreed and we decided to go for a 10km run, at my pace as this would be my first at that distance in the past 16months. (I had completed an 8km run last week for my first event so felt I had it in my legs still.)

I wanted to achieve a number of different targets from this run, but most importantly I wanted to ‘Run’ it. That was the main focus. Next was to  run it in sub 60mins and see if I could obtain a benchmark time to work on. The biggest challenge was to aim for nearer to 55mins – but that was a massive step for me.

The pace on the first 5km out wasn’t particularly fast and I could sense the time was drifting away from me and I was going to struggle to get anywhere near the 55mins. That was ok by me – I still had 2 more targets to aim for.

On the return leg (the 2nd 5km) I was feeling the pace was increasing and I was getting back on track to be on a decent time. By now Edgie was checking to see if I was feeling ok too – our 8km time was around 48mins, so I knew I could do a little better. As we approached the last 1km from home I told Edgie to carry on for another 1km longer distance for a bit more of a challenge. He was struggling a bit with his breathing and was surprised at the fact I was increasing the pace for the last 1km. I was now entering the depths of my 1km interval sprints and trying to have a sprint finish right at the end. I was feeling good and had the extra sprint in my legs.

When we had completed the run I had clocked up a distance of 11.40km in sub 66mins (according to the ‘MapMyRun’ app) and I was really pleased at that – I could have done a little more too, after recovering quite quickly. I had been able to do an average of 6mins per km over the whole of the run – not as fast as I had been doing for the 5km/8km runs but still a good time.

After a few hours rest it was time for my second training session of the day – this time it was going to be with Derek in the gym. I met him there and he wanted to go for a run around the local park – #I thought I was going to just do some weights and have an opportunity to chill a bit.


Off we went on our road run around the park, or so Derek thought!! He had said where he wanted to go and I just agreed to do the run with him. But little did he know that I was adding small extensions to each part of the route. Instead of the 2km/2.5km he was expecting, I made the route up to 4km with the added distance. That wasn’t as bad as Derek was expecting and afterwards he said he had enjoyed the run – wanting to build up more on the next run.

We then went and did some weight training in the gym and focused on Bench Presses  – 15km up to 55km (with sets of 10 reps a time.)


I like using the Bench Press and doing pyramid sets to build up the weights – it is tiring but very productive too.

Next it was the Tricep Extensions – and again a bit of pyramid sets – 10 reps of each number of bricks (10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 bricks.)


I completed the weights with some Lats Pull Downs, Dumb Bell Press – 10kgs and Russian Twists – with a 10kg medicine ball, before returning home for a restful night.

I can honestly say that I feel quite tired tonight, but a tiredness that has pleased me and my results for today.


My #FitBit STEPS for today are 20,000+ so far and I’m still hoping to get a few more steps tonight.


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