Rehabilitation – Day 408

Amazing how knowing you are off for the forthcoming 2 weeks, just makes you feel much better. I broke up from school yesterday and thought I would be too tired to join in the #ParkRun today. (I even went to bed early last night to try and catch up with some much needed sleep.)


Edgie – the Poison Dwarf & my running buddy came to pick me up this morning, a bit earlier than usual and I wasn’t ready for him – whinged a bit at me but I still managed to get sorted in time.


The weather this morning was really cold & wet, with that  drizzly type of rain being blown into your face. It made my knees feel really cold too, especially as I was running in shorts again this week.

After the Easter Sunday 8km run time last week, I was feeling quite confident that I could go sub 28mins again and was aiming for a New PB too. Off we went at a fairly quick pace and I was a lot nearer to the front of the group, than I had anticipated I would be. But too late now as I was already into my running pace.

For the next 2.5 laps it was just a matter of aiming to keep the pace steady and now get carried away trying to catch/beat the runners in from of me. Steady pace equals a good time and that was the target.

The last 1/2 lap was starting to bite into my pace, I was getting competitive again with the nearest runners, with an increased speed at the bend – Edgie just decided to pull about 10m ahead of me and we finished with a good run into the ‘Finish’ Tunnel.


I had achieved my target of 28minutes and a New PB – but was amazed to have knocked off another 75secs from my previous best time. My New PB was now at 26mins 43secs and I felt fantastic too. My breathing, HR and legs recovered within minutes of finishing and I felt like I could have gone a little quicker today too. (I know it easier to say this after finishing, but I was just running at a comfortable pace and one that wasn’t too fast.)

Next week’s targets are to build up to 10km running distance – to just get an indication of a time. Aiming for 10km in 60mins as a marker to improve.



  1. madeupteacher · April 2, 2016

    Great run and well within your comfort zone too. Your 10k will be under 60 no doubt. I’m having problems with speed at the moment. I need to be careful with stressing previous injuries. Happy to go long tho’. Have a great break🙂

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    • mikehighton · April 2, 2016

      You could do some 1km sprint intervals. I’ve started doing them the past 3 weeks – feels good. Fasted 1km is
      4mins 08secs.


      • madeupteacher · April 2, 2016

        Speedy! I’d rather do hill reps but know that intervals is way to go. Must bite bullet… some point😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • mikehighton · April 2, 2016

        Hills are for muscle strength & stamina. The speed intervals will increase your endurance of pace.

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