Rehabilitation – Day 406

My PE lesson today in school was great for the Year 6 – they loved doing the ‘Bring Sally Up/Down’ Squat Challenge as a warm up – they all try to beat me too, which makes it a lovely challenge for me not to be out down by a group of 10/11yr olds.

After a long day in school it was time to attend the gym and join in with Alison’s little jolly exercises – she loves hurting me every session!!


Alison sets out her Circuit Training routines every week and then adds some extra difficulties with the exercises, to enable me to do more that some of the other members of her class. (Her Dad (Derek) & I started to add even more weights to the Wall Squat exercise – from no weights with Alison’s basic exercise, through to us adding 13kg Dumb Bells to hold out in the squat position. Trouble is we just get more and more competitive – lol.


For the remainder of the session we tried to encourage some of the other group members to join in our little challenge – one or two did but soon gave up as it wasn’t particularly easy for them.

Home was the best time, after completing the class – in to my favourite Hot Lobster Bath routine too. I really enjoy a long soak in the bath, chilling with a cup of tea and listening to #SmoothRadio. (No chocolate biscuits this time though.)


Lazy Chill having a Lobster Bath



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