Rehabilitation – Day 405

#TrainHardLiveLonger – that is my mantra for tonight’s session in the gym. I aimed to beat last night’s results – if it was possible again.

So off I started on the Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge. My usual 30mins on level 5 and a steady pace equaled another 27.05km, which was an increased distance of 0.75km in the same time period so that was achieved.


Next it was time for the Treadmill Fitness Test and my attempt to improve my submax VO2 percentage – but despite my best effort tonight I could only achieve 58.3% (still not bad for an old man.)


My final challenge for today is the (so called) ‘Cool Down’ 1km sprint on the Treadmill. It was just about the hardest thing to finish off with. So I managed to get my time down to 4mins 25secs ….   and that was as difficult as it sounds. My legs nearly turned to jelly afterwards because I have done the challenges for the past 2 days.


Now it is time to chill and have my favourite Hot Lobster Bath;



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