Rehabilitation – Day 402

After a few rest days this week I prepared myself for a Hot Lobster Bath last night, to relax my leg muscles, followed by a 20mins ‘Foam Roller’ session whilst watching the football on TV. This was the build up to an early night and my preparation for the #Hale8kmRun today.

Up early and prepared for my 1st 8km run in 16months – plus my 1st event this year too. I had managed quiet a few 5km runs – #parkruns & treadmill since January and felt that I was able to go further now – but hadn’t actually ran more than the 5km.


Today was going to be a challenge in several ways, the distance, the psychological factor and the endurance limitations. My aim was to just complete the run, but if I was feeling good then to try and do it in 50mins max. The weather was overcast and windy at the beginning of the day – standing around the Start/Finish Line for 15mins waiting to go didn’t help either…..

Off we went and the mass start was like a giant snake working its way through the country roads – in the distance the bright yellow leader’s top was just reaching the first turn in the course. The first 6.5km of the course was fairly flat, if open to the wind, but it went quite comfortably in terms of the pace and not many difficulties overtaking other runners. (I deliberately started near the back of the pack to keep out of trouble and not over do the pace at the beginning.)

As we reached the last mile point it became evident that the course was starting to rise into a long drawn-out hill, not steep enough to cause that dreaded feeling of hardship. But hard enough to give you trouble to keep the same pace as earlier. On top of that, the wind was now blowing directly into your face and it was wide open fields and now where to shelter/hide. A matter of head down and fight through the pain of struggling to breathe.

Once we turned back onto the main road and a much needed sheltering from the wind, the pace began to increase again – the last 1/2 mile was back to the steady pace and I was feeling good again.

Then the finish line was in sight and it was all over – I had completed my first target on running it without stopping. Next was a keen eye looking for the clock and the official run time – had I beaten the 50mins of my second target? YES!!!!!


My official time was 46mins and 26secs and I was well chuffed with myself. (I have to give my training buddy EDGIE a big thanks too – he stayed with my for 7.90km and then left me at the finish line. He did say he wasn’t going to let me win!!) A nice little ‘GIMME’ medal, an Easter Egg and a Snood type running band awaited me at the finishers post.

At home I settled down to my Easter treats, a chocolate bar, biscuits and a hot cup of tea. I’m now looking for my next event and hopefully to increase my distance to 10km over the next 4 weeks. I feel great and have my ‘Mojo’ back.



One comment

  1. madeupteacher · March 27, 2016

    Brilliant run on a tough day!


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