Rehabilitation – Day 396

Well I had a fairly easy weekend in Manchester at #primaryrocks, meeting new friends, old friends that I’d managed to keep in contact with from the twitter world. Lots of fun and laughter and most importantly a relaxing opportunity for me.

But today it was back to normal – training at the gym as hard as I could. However, the daytime wasn’t the usual – a trip to Delamere Forest with 50+ kids and a bit of sunshine. I managed to complete around 13km during the morning walk in the forest before doing a little bit of shelter survival building too.

Tonight was a massive chance for me to increase my effort to be better than the last visit. I was up for it big style too.


Treadmill Run – 3 x 1km sprints to improve my speed and I was aiming to beat 15mins this time. 1st 1 x km was 5mins 30secs (a slow steady warm up), the next was a 4mins 40secs and the speed difference was noticeable. My 3rd km was my best effort – managing 4mins 10secs and I was well chuffed.


I then entered into my favourite activity of the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge. Tonight’s effort was the 30mins version at a higher speed & gradient. I managed to complete 27.26km and well tired. (I managed to have a little chat to a young Lady that does Triathlons and she said she couldn’t match my leg speed for what I do at this challenge – well chuffed because I think she is brilliant at her training and I try to compete with her.)


My final efforts for tonight was the Treadmill Fitness Test – the 12mins walking/gradient and keeping my HR below 150BMP. I managed to complete the usual challenge and increase my Sub Max VO2 to 55.6% and achieving the fitness level of SUPERIOR again.

On top of all this, I have completed over 31,000 Steps today. I am on Day 41 of Lent and have lost nearly 2kgs in weight last week – to be 99.8kg now. (Only 8kgs to lose to be back to my fighting fitness weight of 18months ago.)





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