Rehabilitation – Day 390

A more focused approach to going the gym again tonight – aiming to improve on yesterday’s results.

So this is the outcome of my efforts tonight:


Started off on the Treadmill doing the 3 x 1km sprint intervals and started off with the 1st km being a slow 5mins 25secs, then the 2nd km going to 4mins 58secs & ending with the 3rd km being 4mins 47secs .. A total of 3km in 15mins 10secs. A little faster than last night and well pleased.

Next I did the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge. This is 30mins flat out climbing up & down the Alpine Pass and you have very little rest time during it. I completed 27.50km in the time tonight, an increase of 1.15km from yesterday. (That is an average of 1min 6secs per km for the whole challenge.)


My final activity was the Treadmill Fitness Test – 12mins walking and increased incline but keeping my HR under 150 BPM. I completed this too but never improved my sub max VO2 percentage – still manged to have it over 53.6% (an achievement in itself for my age.)


#FitBit STEPS are over 20,000 again today and I am 1 day nearer to the end of LENT too.


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