Rehabilitation – Day 389

What a wonderful feeling you get when you go to the gym, train really hard and even surprise yourself with the results you achieved.

Tonight, after a long hard day and a need to unwind, I attended the gym and felt the need to tire myself out with something different. Derek was there too but he couldn’t stay long and had to sort out his family. That meant that I would have to train on my own – which isn’t that much of a problem and I’m use to it.


The Weights Rack – new toy for me to play with.

After a few weight reps of on the Bench Press I went and did a session on the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge, as I enjoy the opportunity to go into my own little ‘Bubble World’ on the hills. 30mins later and 26.35km of pain I ended the challenge and felt quick good.


Next it was onto the Treadmill – the Fitness Test Challenge and an attempt at improving my submax VO2 percentage. The test is to walk at a 5.4km speed whilst gradually increasing the gradient up to 16.0 – over a 12mins period. As an added difficulty you have to keep your Heart Rate below 150 BMP – which isn’t easy, specially having already completed an earlier challenge too. My results came out as an increased submax VO2 percentage to 53.8% and a Superior Fitness Level of 90%.


My final challenge was to do interval speed training on the Treadmill – attempting 3 x 1km runs straight after each other. My 1st km was a steady sub 6mins effort – just to get my legs going. This was followed with my 2nd km at an increased speed of 4mins 50secs and was alot more comfortable than I expected. To conclude the 3rd km I increased the speed and completed the final km in 4mins 25secs – a superb effort even if I do say so myself. I was very impressed at the 3km being timed at 15mins 15secs in total. (Tomorrow I will look at trying it again if I don’t have any reactions tonight.)


Added to the achievement I weighed myself and have only 1lb left to lose within the next 4 days to meet my target for this month – slowly but surely creeping up to another new target.

My #FitBit STEPS total is also reaching more than double of my daily target and is showing my efforts as being regularly higher than expected too.

I’m down to my last 12 days of Lent now and looking forward to my rewards on Easter Sunday – after completing the 8km Run Event I’m entered in.



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