Rehabilitation – Day 387

Pleasant session of Circuit Training with Alison on Thursday evening and her usual increased difficulties for my efforts. She even told me to ‘Shut up!!’ and ‘If you can chatter and smile then you aren’t working hard enough!!’   –  whooooo!!!! But to be fair I was having a bit of fun messing about in the class, even though I was still doing the harder difficulties in the exercises she set out.


At the end of the class she also did say she thought it was funny when she ‘told me off’ ….

Last night was a rest day and I enjoyed going out for a meal with 2 colleagues from school – especially as I was able to have a big ‘Mixed Grill Platter’ of different meats: Chicken, Pork, Ham, Steak, Sausages, Bacon with peas, onion rings and a slice of pineapple. Absolutely what I needed to give me enough energy for the weekend.


Today was the usual #Parkrun and my attempt at trying to improve on my previous time last week. I wasn’t too confident as my right knee was a little sore and I was concerned about actually doing it. However, Edgie – Poison Dwarf, turned up at 8.25am and picked me up – his turn to drive, so I had no excuses for not going. The twist of today’s run was that Edgie wasn’t actually running, as he had volunteered to be a marshal for the course; he is running in the Liverpool half-marathon tomorrow.

So the #parkrun wasn’t as cold or windy as previous weeks and I thought I could just focus on matching my previous time, but the number of runners today meant I would have to run quicker initially to avoid the crowd or start at the back…..

Not wanting to struggle through the masses, I started fairly near the front and set off just at a steady pace, or so I thought. Some people over took me but not that many, which kept me away from the bigger group of runners. I was feeling good during the run and the laps went by faster than I expected. I was very pleased to complete the run and was desperate to check my time – it felt a little faster than last week and I was confident that I should have beaten the time – but not by much.


As I streamed through the finishing line and picked up my token, I stopped my watch but didn’t check my time. Walking through the finish line to the scanning zone I handed over my bar code & token to record my official time; being met by Edgie and a cheesey big grin ‘You alright mate’ he asked. I was trying to get my breath back to reply and also check my time – ‘Give me a sec’ I replied.

I walked over to him and then managed to check my time – a grin came over my face and Edgie said ‘That looked fast for you today. How did you do?’ I had beaten my previous PB and was calculating the difference in the two times – I knew I was Sub28mins and I only just managed to tell him that.

In fact my time was 27mins 55secs and I had knocked off over a minute from last weeks time – and boy was I very pleased with my self too.


Now for the rest of the day I am going to chill and relax as much as I can – trying to recover enough to go to the gym again in the morning and may be another short but fast run on the treadmill – a couple of km will be the order of the day, as long as I increase my pace like an interval run. All I need to do now is try and increase my speed to improve my times.

I am on Day 31 of #Lent and all is going well too – only 14days to go.

#Fitbit STEPS are also staying high every day and I’m well up on my monthly target.


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