Rehabilitation – Day 384

After the #parkrun on Saturday, my good knee felt really sore and ached quite a bit – so I rested it for Saturday night. This was a matter of icing/relaxing for the evening so to be ready for my WPL Football match on Sunday afternoon. I was concerned about doing this match, with my sore knee and also the fact it was being played on a 4G artificial pitch and I hadn’t done much twisting or sharp turning since my operation on my other knee – Concerned enough to wish for the game to be postponed. It wasn’t though!! I completed the game and even managed to do about 14km running for the day.


For the past 2 days I have again rested and continued to ice my knee and see if I can ease the soreness by less weight baring when not necessary. This has helped for the main of the day but come time for bed I am back to aching again – could be also due to the 20k+ STEPs per day too.

Tonight it was time to get back into the gym and attempt some training to test my knee again. Initial plan was to do 30mins on the Static Bike doing the Hill Climbing Challenge. However that went out of the window with Jody turning up on the bike next to me, after 28mins…  So I continued for another 25mins or so and had a chat, whilst still training hard. I completed 50km in 55mins and felt quite good afterwards.


Next was time for me to go the Treadmill Fitness Test – 12mins walking on a gradual incline, whilst keeping my HR under 150BPM. Sounds easy but not that easy though.


My results at the end of it showed me to be of a SUPERIOR Fitness Level and a Sub Max VO2 of 54.8% – which is another increased fitness level for me – Well Pleased!!


I finished off my training tonight by doing a 1km Cool Down Run on the Treadmill – under 5mins 30secs …. hahaha so much for a cool down though!!!.

So now for the rest of the night I am just going to do a little bit of stretching and some light weights  on my mulit-gym before settling down for the night.


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