Rehabilitation – Day 380

Nice sleep last night, early-ish in bed and a chill watching some TV for a little bit. Then this morning it was up and ready for the #Parkrun again. Getting into the Parkrun a little more than previously, running with my training buddy PD (Poison Dwarf – Edgie).


The aim for today’s run was to try and get close to my previous time, although I was a little concerned about my right calf still being sore from last weekend – a yellow bruise around my calf and up the front of my shin meant a stiffness that just ached when I ran.

Anyway, off we went in the mass start and I had Edgie company for the majority of the 5km, but then he just ran off into the distance for the last 1/2 lap. That was fine for me and I used him as a target to increase my speed. I had the usual difficulties with the scanning  of my barcode at the end of the run and it just delays getting sorted. My time on my watch was another sub 29mins and a new PB, by a few seconds, on my recovery back into running – so that pleased me in the end.


For the rest of this afternoon I have done my usual quick food shop, bills paid and had an opportunity to relax for a few hours. Time to start sorting out stuff for school ready to plan for tomorrow. I am Refereeing on the WPL tomorrow afternoon too so a good rest will help tonight.


#Lent = Day 26 and still working hard to complete

#Fitbit STEPS – over 12,000 so far today


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