Rehabilitation -Day 378

It was Alison’s Circuit Training session tonight – 45mins of Ali’s targeted punishment exercises. She does really well at catering for the different members of her classes, adding the extra weights, heights, difficulties for me to be challenged too.


Tonight it was a focus on Legs & ABS for me, using the Wall Squats as a means of getting into my own little world. I’m not too keen on the Crossover Ski exercise, as it means a lot of coordination as well as being in control of your arms/legs. (Looks more like being a puppet – lol.)


For the rest of the session I enjoyed doing the press ups, hammer curls, chest presses, mountain climbers – they are good, heel touches, kettle press squats, hip raises, dumb bell shadow boxing and my favourite – Step ups (I do the increased 6 blocks height.)


Home meant that I could have a little play on the Foam Roller and a bit of a gentle stretching whilst watching the sport on TV.


#FitBit STEPS is up to 19000 so far and a good start to the month.

#Lent is now Day 23 and still going strong at the halfway point.



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