Rehabilitation – Day 376

Struggled to get much training done over the past week, due to several reasons. First one being I sustained a slight calf strain after the parkrun and it tightened up significantly on Sunday. I did the usual stuff of resting up, which nearly killed me, then iced/heated the muscle alternatively. For most of the week I used a compression stocking too – one from hospital.

The other main reason was out of my control too – we had OFSTED in school after ‘THE’ call on Tuesday lunchtime. That meant my spending over 40hrs preparation in school & at home to ensure that I did my share of the inspection. After they had left it was just total physical & mental exhaustion and I lost Saturday completely trying to recover with some rest. Sunday I managed to do my refereeing of a WPL match – which enabled me to at least get some exercise done.


Yesterday was Mark  McG’s HIITs session at the gym and my first opportunity to get some proper training in and challenge myself, as usual. #Shredders. The session was the usual hard work on the legs and then the upper body. Afterwards was a session on the Foam Rollers.


Tonight it was a quick trip to the gym after a long day on a course. I managed to 30mins on the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge and 25km distance. I then just did 3km running on the treadmill intending it to be a cool down, but forgot, and ran the last 1km faster than I had planned – sub 19mins for the 3km as a cool down isn’t too bad really – lol. Now just relaxing after my Hot Lobster Bath.

#FitBit STEPS are keeping in excess of my daily quotas and I’m sure I’ll get the monthly targets too.


LENT is now Day 21 and all is going well – no pangs or slight mishaps.




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