Rehabilitation – Day 366


Up early today in anticipation of completing the #ParkRun in Widnes. The weather was damp & cold with a chilling wind blowing across the course. It was myself, Edgie & Mark McG doing it from our little group – Mark also brought another two young Ladies to join in with us.


The run start was its usual sprint to the first few bends and a mix of fast & slow runners getting in each others way. I decided to move a little nearer to the middle of the pack, rather than starting at the back and work my way through. Mark was off into the distance and Edgie just disappeared completely – not sure if he was infront or behind me.

Because I didn’t have the difficulty of being slowed down fighting to get through the back markers, my time was much quicker than usually and I was feeling good too. About 3/4 away around the 1st lap Edgie suddenly appeared along side me. (He said he was expecting me to be at the back.)

By lap two Edgie had started to pull away from me and slowly edged off into the distance. My pace was fine, I was feeling good and could see that I wasn’t being dropped by the group of runners in front of me. Then it happened, my right calf started to tighten up and I could feel the burning sensation slowly creeping up my muscle. I was worried that I was going to ‘pull’ the calf muscle so I slowed down a little bit but still kept going. This helped for about 1/2 a lap before I needed to do a 10secs stop to stretch the calf.

The final 1/2 a lap was definitely more than torture, with my calf tightening up and a sharp pain coming from my muscle – it wasn’t going to stop me finishing, especially with only about 600m to go.

As soon as I crossed the finish line I stopped my watch to record my time, I started to limp slightly as the calf muscle contracted into a tightness or muscle cramp. A little bit of gentle stretches enabled me to walk through the finishing marshalls and get my token/placing. Another 20seconds or so was wasted trying to get my time registered onto the #ParkRun site – the scanner doesn’t seem to like my barcode every time I run.

Mark McG was impressed with himself today, achieving another New PB – Sub25mins time, Edgie was Sub27mins and I completed my efforts with a sub29mins – another New PB for me since the turn of 2016. That wasn’t a bad effort for all three of us considering the weather conditions.

Home meant that I had a hot lobster bath and used the hot water bottle to ease the calf muscle. I later applied some ICE Gel onto the muscle and have been resting my legs this afternoon. Think tomorrow will have to be a forced ‘Rest Day’ from the gym and spend some time recovering from the tightness in my calf.


Foam Roller time and some more Heat/Cold applications on the muscle should help to recover much quicker.

LENT is now Day 11 and going well.

#FitBit STEPS today has surpassed my daily 10,000 STEPS target.

My weight loss has continued this week and I am only 1lb/0.5kg off beating my target for the month.



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