Rehabilitation – Day 365

This will be my year of posting, even though I have had the blog for a few days longer. I had a little read of my early posts and was amazed at how much of a journey I have been on. A number of friends have pointed out to me just how serious my injury was and that I didn’t take it in that way. With hindsight I have wondered how I managed to still train for 3 months after sustaining the damage – which was excruciatingly painful.

If you look closely at the larger photo you will be able to see the yellow bruising around my shin bone – this is where the surgeon went through the bone into my knee.

I went from no weight bearing for 8 weeks to 3 weeks on crutches back to running by the end of week 11. The skinny little legs was the biggest difficulty for me to address and one I am still working hard to increase. (In the #ShreddersGroup my best achievement recently wasn’t the weight/inches loss but the 5mm muscle increase around my knee – I was over the moon with that too.)

I have improved the amount of training & the quality of exercise I do with the help of Mark McG & his @goodfellasfitness #ShreddersSupportGroup – looking at my nutritional intake too. As well as that I must thank Alison for her increased difficulties in her Circuit Training, Edgie my running buddy for his continued ‘Gloating’ at the events he has entered without me.  There are also many others from the gym and my friends that have just been there for me when I felt I needed a little support – too many to mention but they know who I mean.

My motivation, enthusiasm or efforts have never been in doubt, just my willingness to take notice of advice given to me, with my best interests at heart. I consider myself a competitive person and don’t like to lose at anything I get involved in. Sometimes I still need to listen to my own body and the aches, pains and stiffness it is telling me about. Usually I just ignore them and try harder – like today.

Two gym sessions again today – 8.00am gym start with Derek and our going for a few laps road run around the roads of the gym. We did well at these and gradually increased the speed of each lap – on a very cold & icy morning too.


Afterwards it was back inside the gym to get warm again and to do a few reps of weight training – Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Lats & Bicept curls.

To assess our recovery rates we decided to do the Treadmill Fitness Test again and complete the 12mins Gradient Walking – this is a lot harder than you first think. My results came back as a SUPERIOR Fitness Level (Again) and a SubMax VO2 of 56.4%


As a treat Derek & I went for a hot drink in the Business Park Cafe and just had a good chat and catch up – something we have struggled to do this year.

Tonight I went back to the gym for my 2nd session and focused on my cardio again. This time I did the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge for the 60mins – managing only 52.35km this evening. That isn’t really a bad achievement, but for me it was about 3km slower than last week. But hey ho – work harder next session.


My #Fitbit STEPS today is almost 26000 STEPS so far and I am pleased with this too – that will be a total of in excess of 330,000 STEPS so far this month – with still 10 days to go.


LENT is on Day 10 too and I’m still going strong on not eating my 5 items I have given up.

Tomorrow is another opportunity to try and improve my #ParkRun 5km time. I am aiming to beat the last recorded time if I can.


#teacher5adayfitfeb  #Shredders #Fitbit


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