Rehabilitation – Day 364

Went to the gym last night and completed Mark’s HIITs session with the rest of the #Shredders Group. Main focus was on the legs and then finishing off with ABS work. I managed to do some stretches and attempt to get further passed my feet – lol

Woke up this morning with really aching knees/muscles from the jumping on the ‘Stepper Blocks’ (six high – and that was hard.) Stepping up/down wasn’t difficult but the two footed standing jump was a nightmare doing it for 3 x 1 minute periods in the session.

Mark then took us through some ‘Straight-Legged Deadlifts’ using varied weight limits – heavier for the male members so challenge us a little bit more. They were a challenge towards the end of the session though – with my arms being more and more tired. I did actually enjoy doing the squats, especially the SUMO Squats – they did hurt/ache whilst doing them.

I managed to do my body measurements & weight before going to the gym and have logged them this month. After a small increase in my knee muscles – 5mm, I am determined to make a bigger increase this month too. (A continued weight loss is also a must – and I am pleased to be sub 103kg body weight for the first time in about 14months because of my injuries.) I’m on Day 9 of LENT today and I’ve not had any pangs for chocolate, chips, crisps, biscuits or beer – although I am a little hungry of a night after the gym – been supplementing this with a protein shake to fill me up and recover from the training.

My #Fitbit STEPS are going really well too – over 320,000 so far this month and I’m on target to exceed 500,000 again in a month. Some of the challenges are getting easy but I still aim high to beat them.


Tonight it is Alison’s Circuit Training Class and her added difficulties for me – ooppss!! She wasn’t very kind either making me do the exercises even harder than I had planned. To be fair it was hard anyway and I just made it harder for myself by making fun of Alison’s routine – saying it was easy. One thing Alison doesn’t do and that is ‘Easy Sessions’.

Finished off by asking her to take a couple of photos of me doing an unassisted Headstand for the #teacher5adayfitfeb and #Shredders groups.



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