Rehabilitation – Day 361

Although I have had this blog for a year today, I have not really blogged for the full year yet. (The are 4 days difference so I won’t celebrate the anniversary just yet.)

Yesterday I did my trip to the gym and went on to do the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge – 60mins of riding the bike up & down the hills as fast as I could. Only managed 52.20km if I remember but that was hard enough for me.


A lovely hot lobster bath afterwards and then a few hours relaxing and watching TV was the remainder of my day.

Today is the first day of half-term and I always enjoy doing two training sessions in the gym – this morning it was the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge again – another 60mins session and I completed 54.22km distance.


Afterwards I did a few stretches and asked Mark McG to take some pictures for me:

Then it was home for lunch and a quick shower before I went to do a food shop.

Tonight it was my second session at the gym and I was up for doing Mark’s HIITs session and seeing if I could manage two ‘Full On’ sessions in a day still…..   I did my 100% effort as usual and found the session to be really challenging – more than I expected. But still I managed to complete it. Mark even gave the group a rare compliment too – lol.

To add a little more success to the training today – I even beat my best #Fitbit STEPS total of over 31000+ so far and that will give me a new badge too.


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