Rehabilitation – Day 357

This week can’t get any harder – can it?  Anyway one more get up and then some sort of rest next week for half-term. Finished school and managed to get out a little earlier tonight, mainly due to just being fed up enough to just go. Home in time to have a quick cup of tea and a 15mins relaxing before I had to go the gym.

Tonight’s session was Alison’s Circuit Training Class and on appearance I thought it was going to be a little easy – that was another mistake I made this week!!! Her focus was on working our legs and the emphasis was on ‘Working’ too!! As usual she set up different levels of weights for me and I used them to work harder. The most difficult exercise tonight was doing the ABS work – crunches with pushing a 4kg weight up to your feet, which where straight up in the air – ouch and awkward. We had the usual ‘winding-up’ of each other – with Derek & I, just to motivate each other.


The class finished and it was then back home to do another #teacher5adayfitfeb OPT B session on ABS, after feeling I didn’t do enough ABS work tonight – that wasn’t as challenging as I thought, but was tiring anyway.


Now it is time for me to have a few hours chilling and maybe an early night in bed, as a last big push for tomorrow. Lent is now Day 2 and going well, as I would expect for the first few weeks. I am intending to lose about 4kg this month through my training & LENT challenges.

#Fitbit challenge is still an ongoing daily recording and so far this month I have done around 200,000 STEPS – must try harder and do more!!



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