Rehabilitation – Day 356

Had another HIITs session last night with Mark McG – #Shredders and it was hard to say the least. Mark worked us all to our limits and he admitted afterwards that he was impressed with the extent of our fitness levels. (I made a sweat puddle after each exercise and it wasn’t very pretty.)


Today in school though was not another good day – lots of things that happened made the day long and hard too. So the least said about that the quicker it will be forgotten. All I will say is that it put me in a right mood – stopped me from going training in case I hurt myself trying too much/hard. I even had a few beers tonight, which is a clear indication of my frustrations getting the better of me today.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day and another HIITs session with Mark McG & the other #Shredders. Plus the added bonus of it being the start of #Lent. (I intend to give up my usual things of Chocolate, Crisps, Chips, Biscuits & Beer.)


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