Rehabilitation – Day 354

Enjoyed a lay-in this morning after a hard training session yesterday. Felt like I had been up all night and had very little sleep – but I had actually had a great night’s sleep. A read of the Sunday Paper with breakfast and a cup of tea was just the right amount of relaxation I needed before going to the gym with Edgie this morning too.

It was going to be a Cardio Day for us and that meant a hard session.The Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge was to be the initial challenge – 2 days ago I managed 18.48km in the 20mins and thought I could beat it today. That was my big mistake!!  Despite having the same settings as previously I really struggled to get anywhere near the same results – it felt like I was on an even higher/more difficult resistance setting and I only managed 13.60km. I was also absolutely soaked in sweat, more than I usually am after a 60mins session.

index0000  It felt as though I was unable to cycle over 100RPM even though I can usually get to 160RPM+ during the 60mins sessions.

Our next exercise was to do a fitness test on the treadmill and see if there had been an improvement since the last one 4 weeks ago.


My results had improved showing my Sub Max VO2 to be 57.6% and a Superior Fitness Level. That is an increase of about 5% in a month – due to more running and Cardio work with #Shredders too.

Next we went and had a play on the Rowing Machine on the maximum resistance and again it was quite difficult to increase the speed – still managed to do a fast time of 1min 45secs for the 500m sprint challenge.


We then went for a burst on the Cross-Trainer and set a difficult level to try and burn more energy – this was going to be my last main cardio exercise, as my legs still ached from the Static Bike Challenge. Edgie found this exercise a bit difficult and was initially hurting his knees. After a few minor adjustments he got the hang of it too.


I finished off by doing a few minutes cool down on the treadmill again and recorded my BPM for my recovery rates. Edgie wasn’t finished at this point and did a bit longer running on the treadmill.

This gave me some time to do some Upperbody weights and a chance to rest my knees – not that they hurt or painful in anyway, more to relax my quad/knee muscles a little longer.

By the end of the session both of us where shattered and I could honestly say I had worked much harder that I had expected. Now this is simply down to one factor – a Training Buddy (Edgie). I train as hard as I can every session but then as soon as I get a buddy with me I go into competitive mode – and so does Edgie – lol!!!

Nothing more embarrassing than two old men beasting away at a series of exercises and showing up the young fellas – lol.


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