Rehabilitation – Day 353

Long, hard day yesterday – summed up the week from hell. Meant I wasn’t able to go the gym nor to have enough energy to do home training. Instead I went to local supermarket and bought a DVD, some snacks and then home.

I closed the door, did my usual friday night chores – washing, tidying up and responding to the emails/messages I have missed. Then TV on, DVD in and chilled watching the movie I had bought – bit of a boo-boo though, it had subtitles – lol. Afterwards it was an early night and ready to go for a #parkrun in the morning.


#WidnesParkRun was the usual Wet & Windy one again – but with Mark McG & Edgie as running buddies, I was confident that I could at least equal my best recorded time for the #ParkRun 5km – 31mins 28secs – which I thought was wrongly timed. But hey-ho it is meant only to be fun.


So off we went and zoom Mark & Edgie when away with the whippets, whilst I stayed near the back for the 1st lap of 3 & 1/2 laps. They both finished sub 28mins and I was really pleased for them. They waited at the finish line for me and cheered me over. I forgot to stop my watch and when I realised this it was past 34mins – oopppsss!!! I therefore had to rely on the #parkrun timing again, which had difficulty scanning my finishing token because of the wet weather probably.

Feeling a little bit disappointed with my possible time I was moaning all the way home to Edgie and he just gloated at how he was pleased with his own time amd that Mark had done very well too. (I can easily go off people too.)

Anyway, I received the email telling me that the results had been posted on the website and that I could view them now. Edgie & I actually started about 25secs after everyone had crossed the start/finish line so we agreed to deduct 25secs off the recorded time to compensate for a little more accurate time. To my amazement my time was not the 34mins I had expected, according to my own watch, but was in fact sub 30mins – recording at 29mins 30secs and I felt like I had won the run – fantastic feeling to beat the target time by over 1min 30secs.

So now I know I can beat it, I will be aiming to go faster again next week and get back to being nearer to my old PB of sub 25mins for the 5km. What a week of achievements I have had in my training – weight loss, inches loss and now time loss.


This added with my #fitbit challenges has been the motivation to aim higher in the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge on Twitter and to look at losing another 4kg this month minimum. I have completed 11 x 5km runs so far in 2016, which is 11 more than I achieved in the past 14months. Onwards & Upwards in the running training and another sub 30mins will mean I can increase my distances too.


I have signed up for another month working with Mark McG and his #Shredders group – @goodfellasfitness – to continue with my progress so far.



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